ShareWear - Style money can´t buy

Million tons of textiles are thrown away each year. But instead of tossing your clothes once you’re over them, you could give your ex-clothes the chance to fall in love with someone new. That’s why Sweden is launching ShareWear, a part of the Democreativity initiative, that aims to inspire a sustainable way to be fashionable. It’s a ready-to-share collection with Swedish fashion pieces that you can borrow - but only if you share it forward.

The first items in ShareWear collection are created by some of Sweden’s most prominent fashions brands, such as Filippa K, Hope, House of Dagmar, NIKOLAJ d'ETOILES, Uniforms for the Dedicated, Weekday and Whyred. But we encourage everyone to contribute to the Sharewear movement. Let your friends know they can borrow your clothes. Just snap a photo of the item you would like to share, upload it to Instagram and hashtag with #sharewear.

VisitSweden and the Swedish Institute are the initiators of ShareWear. They are both responsible for promoting and creating interest in Sweden around the world. VisitSweden is Sweden’s official board of tourism, and promotes the brand of Sweden, as well as Swedish destinations and experiences abroad. The Swedish Institute is a public agency that promotes interest and confidence in Sweden through strategic communication, capacity building, cultural co-operation and scholarships.

The Swedish Fashion Brands behind ShareWear


Hope are passionate about everyday fashion that brings forward the individual. The clothes are distinguished by good fit with focus on material and details as well as creative expression. The idea of Hope is to create fashion that lasts over seasons and years. Materials and details are selected from this perspective and high quality is the main focus.


Whyred’s vision is timeless tailored pieces of high quality. The brand strives for their customers to build a sustainable wardrobe with clothes that can be used year after year and combined in several ways. Whyred constantly improve their processes to ensure product quality, product safety, and to minimize the environmental impact of the products.


NIKOLAJ d’ÉTOILES is a fashion brand focusing on sophisticated men’s clothing with a luxury appeal. Skilled craftsmanship and carefully selected fabrics ensures the highest quality and pieces that are built to last. NIKOLAJ d’ÉTOILES vision about fashion and a sustainable future is based on high quality, craftsmanship and personal style. NIKOLAJ d’ÉTOILES creates fashion that is meant to be worn season after season.

Filippa K

Filippa K was founded by Filippa Knutsson and Patrik Kihlborg with the vision to create fashion where sustainability is the foundation for growth. Today the sustainability vision is a strong part of the brands DNA. Filippa K is dedicated to a wardrobe based on personal style and circular design with a holistic business model.

House of Dagmar

House of Dagmar is a run jointly by three sisters Karin Söderlind, Kristina Tjäder and Sofia Wallenstam. The brand is sophisticated, architectural and specializes in expressive knitwear. Natural forms, geometrical shapes and utilitarian design characterize the collections. Dagmar is progressive in its approach to design and use of sustainable materials and production methods.

Uniforms for the Dedicated

Uniforms for the Dedicated are combining timeless design and shapes with innovative fabric structures, and increasingly so, based on recycled fibers, and aim to develop modern classics made to sustain over time. Uniforms for the Dedicated aspire to design and produce the most environment friendly fashion garments on the market and lead a movement for a changing industry.


Weekday always works to produce the best selection of garments they can and this means the design process has to be a journey of constant refinement. That’s why from spring 2015 Weekday are taking steps to improve the way they produce and consume clothing by using sustainable material in all our Weekday 5-pocket jeans. Weekday believes this is a good thing for them as a jeans-maker, for you as a customer and for fashion as an industry.