Q: What is ShareWear?

A: Million tons of textiles are thrown away each year. But instead of tossing your clothes once you’re over them, you could give your ex-clothes the chance to fall in love with someone new. That’s why Sweden is launching ShareWear, a part of the Democreativity initiative, that aims to inspire a sustainable way to be fashionable. It’s a ready-to-share collection with Swedish fashion pieces that you can borrow - but only if you share it forward.

Q: Who is behind the initiative?

A: The organisations Visit Sweden and the Swedish Institute. They are both responsible for promoting and creating interest in Sweden.

Q: How does it work?

A: We have collected pieces from Swedish fashion designers and created a common collection we call ShareWear. It’s a collection you cannot buy for money, only borrow. You borrow items from the collection by being the first to tag yourself in Instagram-photos of the item published by the current borrower. After borrowing the item you share it forward to the first person that have tagged themselves in your photo of the item.

Q: I want to borrow an item from the ShareWear collection – what should I do?

Search for the hashtag #sharewear on Instagram. If you see an item you would like to borrow be quick to comment. The first person to comment gets to borrow it! You can also visit the ShareWear website. On the website you can find out who is borrowing the item right now and when it will become available again.

Q: Why do I need Instagram to borrow a ShareWear item?

A: The aim of ShareWear is to raise awareness around the fact people throw away their old clothes even though it could be recycled, reused or repurposed since this is something that has an negative impact on the environment. By encouraging people to spread photos of the ShareWear collection on Instagram we hope more people will notice and support the ShareWear initiative.

Q: How do I receive the item?

A: If you are first to comment on the photo, set up a meeting with the person that is currently in possession of the item. We do not provide a shipping service, so make sure you are able to pick it up in person.

Q: I’m currently borrowing a ShareWear item – how do I know whom I should share it forward to?

A: When you have borrowed the item for a week you need to post a photo of the item on your Instagram account. The first person to comment your photo is the one who should receive the item after you.

Q: What does it cost to borrow a item from the ShareWear collection?

A: Borrowing an item from the ShareWear collection is free on the condition that you share it forward by uploading a photo of it on Instagram and including the hashtag #sharewear.

Q: What if someone doesn’t share the item forward?

A: We believe people will borrow items from the ShareWear collection because they want to contribute to more sustainable fashion consumption, not because they aim to keep the items for themselves. Also, all people borrowing items from the ShareWear collection will be featured on our website, therefore it will be very obvious who chose to not share it forward.

Q: For how long will you be able to borrow pieces from the collection?

A: You can borrow an item from the ShareWear collection for one week, then you have to share-it-forward.

Q: Can I borrow items from the ShareWear collection several times?

A: Yes. If you are the first person to comment a photo of the item uploaded by the current borrower you will be the next one to borrow that item. However, you can only borrow an item for one week.

Q: What will happen to the clothes when nobody wants to borrow them anymore?

A: The purpose of ShareWear is to make use of perfectly fine clothes, shoes and accessories that you’ve grown tired of and consider throwing out. Our ambition is that the clothes will wonder from person to person until they are completely worn out. When the item is no longer usable we encourage people to leave the remainders in a textile recycle bin.

Q: In what sizes are the items available?

A: The items are available in different sizes. You can find more information about all the items and the different sizes in the digital showroom.