Share your own items

We encourage everyone to contribute the ShareWear movement. Let your friends know they can borrow your clothes by following these steps:


Snap a photo of the item you would like to share.


Upload it to Instagram and add the hashtag #sharewear and add your geolocation.


Set up a meeting with the first person to comment on your photo and share it forward to the next person. Tip: If you are not already friends on Instagram, ask for the person to add you. That will enable you to send direct messages to each other.

Rules for sharing

Rules for sharing: Once you’ve chosen to share your clothes on Instagram you cannot expect to get them back. The purpose of ShareWear is to make use of perfectly fine clothes, shoes and accessories that you’ve grown tired of and consider throwing out. Our ambition is that the clothes will wander from person to person until they are completely worn out. When the item is no longer usable please leave the remainders in a textile recycle bin!